I hate negativity.

October 21, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’ve always been a pessimist. In fact, I’ve often thought of myself as being an eternal pessimist, which is pessimistic in itself. If you find your identity in being a negative person, it seems impossible to change that.

Every silver lining has a cloud, I would say.

You see, I’ve always been somewhat proud of my negativity. I would find satisfaction in reading studies about the benefits of being a pessimist (I can only remember one study), and try hard to prove to everyone that it took less muscle to frown than smile (I still believe that’s true, if your frown is more of a straight face). When people would tell me I look sad or angry, I would just tell them it was my “default face”.

But honestly, I’m getting tired of being negative.

The problem is, the transition between pessimism and optimism doesn’t happen overnight. This means that for all the optimism I may practice throughout the day, if I slip up and start acting negative, I berate myself all the more. Now, I’m just negative about being negative.

But, I’m not going to give up trying to be an optimist. And that’s optimistic in itself.



§ 2 Responses to I hate negativity.

  • lisaou11 says:

    love the last sentence.

    my dad is pessismistic and while I dont see anything wrong with being that way–i can see the effect it has had on his life. Sometimes I feel like he always sucks the joy out of everything.

    good luck in your quest for optimism!

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