It’s actually kind of a sad story. [movie review]

November 3, 2010 § 3 Comments

Last week, Alex and I went to go see It’s Kind of a Funny Story. (The week before, we had gone to see Jackass 3D, so this week it was my turn to pick the film.)

You can watch the trailer here:

As someone who has a serious problem with staying awake during a movie (even in the theater, seriously), I can tell you that at no point did I find myself nodding off. That might not seem like a high compliment, but I can assure you that in my world, it is.

I generally find myself attracted to light comedies, and this film was no different, except that it wasn’t as light or as comedic as I was anticipating. I was surprised, but pleased, at the attention the film gave to depression.

Craig (played by Keir Gilchrist), a potentially suicidal teen, inadvertently checks himself into a mental hospital after he becomes worried that he is a danger to himself. It’s hard not to sympathize with Craig, especially after he tells his therapist that he knows his problems aren’t that bad, but they still leave him depressed. I thought the portrayal of depression was more realistic than I have seen in other films. Probably because the movie is based on a book, whose author suffered from depression.

I know a lot of people watched this movie for Zach Galifianakis, who plays Bobby, but the movie isn’t laugh-out-loud Hangover style, or like anything else  the actor has played before. That being said, I really enjoyed seeing this side of Zach. There were still laughs, for sure, but the more interesting scenes were sweet and emotional.

Other highlights include Lauren Graham (who I loved on Gilmore Girls) as Craig’s mom, Jim Gaffigan as Craig’s dad, and Emma Roberts as Noelle, Craig’s first girlfriend and another teenage patient suffering from depression. The movie also has an awesome soundtrack that includes tracks from Broken Social Scene.

Overall, I really liked this movie and I’m glad I finally went to see it (it’s been in the theaters over a month). Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the theater to see it, because it’s the type of movie that’s great to rent on a cold night when you’d rather cozy up on your couch with your cheaper popcorn and snacks than go out. It’s neither a guy movie nor a chick flick, so it’s kind of perfect for a date night.



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§ 3 Responses to It’s actually kind of a sad story. [movie review]

  • sonja says:

    Since movies come out later here than in the States, I hadn’t heard of this one or seen the trailer yet. I’m excited now to get back and have a movie night with Daniel! 😀 I love at-home movie nights, especially when you do go all out and get candy, make homemade popcorn (I am a master at making it on the stove)… so much cheaper but so much more comfy. And as a mild germophobe, it’s much easier to relax and lounge on the couch without wondering who was there before me and what they did.

    • quietisthenewloud says:

      hahaha…I didn’t know you were a mild germophobe, but I agree — movie nights at home are much more comfortable.

      I really think you would like this movie because it’s artsy but not annoyingly so. I think you know what I mean 🙂

      • sonja says:

        I just now thought to check for replies to my couple of comments! From here on out I’m going to select the option to have any replies notified to me via email.

        Yes, mild germophob. I have memories of painstakingly disinfecting all the light switches and doorknobs of my parents house as an 8 year old.

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