this year, I’m thankful for bacon.

November 22, 2010 § 4 Comments

It just occurred to me that this Thanksgiving, I have the healthiest relationship with food that I’ve ever had. It probably sounds strange to people who have always enjoyed big meals with no qualms (or maybe to people who don’t talk about their relationships to food), but to be honest, Thanksgiving used to stress me out.

Most Thanksgivings, since early high school, I had a dysfunctional/rocky relationship with food. Big meals with the family were not what I considered a celebration. I would pile my plate with the assortment, then only pick at the turkey and veggies, hoping I was the picture of normalcy. Afterwards, I’d still be hungry. Success!

(not my family...but close)

Last year, at Thanksgiving, I was vegan. Because I went to my Aunts for dinner and didn’t feel like explaining what  a “vay-gun” (how my parents pronounce it) was, there wasn’t much for me to eat. Which was perfect, really, because to me, being vegan was just an excuse to restrict what I ate.

What helped me the most was my boyfriend, who loves food, healthy or unhealthy (mostly unhealthy). Alex helped me realize that eating ice cream after dinner won’t kill me, and neither will eating pizza four times a week (it’s my favorite food, okay?). I still care about eating healthy, but I’m starting to realize I need to be mentally healthy as well. I used to feel like dessert was “wasted calories”, but now I know that chocolate and ice cream make me super happy. I used to feel guilty after eating a big meal until I was stuffed, but now I enjoy meals like that with relish, especially if the food is particularly awesome and is bacon.

I’ll be working this Thanksgiving, which pretty much sucks, because it will be the first time in a long time that I will actually be able to enjoy it. If I get out of work in time, I might be able to celebrate with my boyfriend and his family, but if not, there’s always Christmas dinner. Or, you know, the other 364 days in the year that I can enjoy delicious food (sometimes in copious amounts) to the fullest. And for that, I’m thankful.



§ 4 Responses to this year, I’m thankful for bacon.

  • I’d agree that mental health is just as important—that’s a great distinction you made. It wasn’t until I realized that as well that I finally became a more relaxed eater.

  • sonja says:


    I am SO THANKFUL for this as well. It’s huge. It’s so great. This process you’ve gone through is something so many of us girls/women work through.. sometimes not everyone comes to an educated or healthy conclusion and sometimes it’s a damaging cycle that lasts a lifetime.

    I think nutritional and mental health is so important that I really want to begin the process of becoming aware and becoming educated from a good, healthy source earlier. It’s going to be a big part of my proposal to the HS I’m currently in most for my internship.

    Don’t you think that would be good? A weekly girls group to educate in a fun, informal way the information on being healthy and eating nutritionally? Also, throw in a bit of cooking… as soon as girls leave for college and are on their own, it’s typically a long, frustrating process of learning how to eat well even if you know what a balanced diet looks like, simply because most girls haven’t had any experience cooking or thinking about meal prep.

    I know I’m rambling, but I’m sorting through all this sort of stuff right now since I’m holding forums to chat wtih the girls and I’m formulating the proposal for the new program. If you have ideas or just want to chat back and forth about the subject, I’d love it. My email’s on my fb page. 🙂

    • Cyndie says:

      I would love to chat about this. I think it’s an awesome idea. I know that SO MANY girls struggle with food and it’s so consuming.

      I think it would be important to teach girls that eating healthy doesn’t mean just eating salads either 🙂

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