December 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

Today, in lieu of writing several final papers, I discovered something that gave me chills. As I browsed Hulu trailers in procrastination, I noticed a trailer for the new film adaption of my beloved Jane Eyre.

I mean, I am beyond in love with this book. I first read it as a melancholy 7th grader and was enthralled by Charlotte Brontë’s gothic romance. I love the rich, dark passion and the slightly supernatural elements in the novel. It is and always has been my favorite book. I’ve read it more than any other book, and own the illustrated version among other copies.

There’s been a big number of Jane Eyre films, but many of them have been just plain terrible. Masterpiece Theatre did come out with an excellent Jane Eyre TV mini-series that I absolutely love, but there hasn’t been a good Hollywood adaption yet. Judging by the trailer, this film looks dark and intense, just how it should be. And although I don’t know if it can compare to the Masterpiece Theatre version, I’m always welcome to a new film interpretation of my favorite book.



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