The One Where I Make New Year’s Resolutions.

January 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

I can’t believe it’s January 5 already! It probably seems like I’ve been super busy or something, considering I haven’t blogged since Christmas.

Yeah. I’ve been reeeeaal busy being lazy.

But I did happen to bake Samoas Bars, Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars, and S’mores Cookies. It’s never to late to make “Christmas” cookies!

I also officially changed my major from English to Journalism. Which took all of 0.05 seconds due to online ease. Unfortunately, I have yet to register for classes. Which start on Monday. (baby steps!)

My New Years Eve was pretty mellow. I’m actually thankful for that. It was a quiet, non-abrasive way to enter the new year. Now, I like writing down goals and resolutions, but sometimes I think NYR are a bit lofty. I prefer to write monthly goals, that way I can start slow and see my progress right away. I’ve had a few goals floating around in my brain for the past couple days, but haven’t put pen to paper yet. Here are my goals for January:

  • Cook  three full-fledged meals this month. I don’t mean grilled cheese. Something that requires an actual recipe.
  • Read my Bible consistently.
  • Give P90X 100%. Increase weights and reps.
  • Do 3+ short workouts a week besides P90X. Like running, stationary bike, elliptical, etc. I need to mix it up.
  • Decrease mirror time. If I eliminated this bad habit, my skin would be so much clearer and my mood would improve. I don’t really know how to kick this though. It’s pretty ingrained in my life.
  • Drink 32 oz of water daily. I don’t drink close to this amount.
  • Get 6-7 hours of sleep every night.
  • Use my planner for school. At least more than the first day.
  • Look for a new serving job.

I tried to be pretty realistic with these goals. It’s going to be tough, especially drinking that much water, but I think writing it all down helps keep me on track.

What do you think of New Years Resolutions? What are some of your goals?



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