cinnamon rolls, at long last.

March 11, 2011 § 4 Comments

This week, I finally baked my first batch of cinnamon rolls.  I’ve never successfully baked with yeast before, and frankly, it’s daunting. I tried to make them on Christmas Eve, and lets just say the next morning we feasted on toast and an egg dish.

When I saw Jessica from How Sweet It Is bake The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls (not once, but thrice), I knew I had to face my yeast fears. I owed it to myself and all things delicious to bake them. So, I did, among fraught exclamations of, “Why aren’t these rising?!” and “Where is all of this butter supposed to go?!”

Tears were nearly shed, my baking insecurities ran wild, and I had all but given up. When I finally pulled them out of the oven, after two days in the making, my cinnamon rolls were complete.

And they turned out great. Josh said they were incredible. Alex said they may be the best things I’ve ever made. I made some with a simple cream cheese frosting and others, like the rolls pictured, with Jessica’s Vanilla Cream Glaze.

Maybe all that trouble was worth it.

And maybe I need to escape my baking comfort zone more often.


P.S. I actually only made half of the dough into rolls. The rest of the dough is still complacently waiting in the refrigerator for me. I probably should have cut the recipe in half because I do not need six pans of cinnamon rolls. Or do I?


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