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October 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

So, obviously, I’m way overdue for a honeymoon recap.  I thought I’d recap the honeymoon first instead of the wedding, because the wedding would take way too long to recap considering I have, like, a 1,000 pictures to choose from. Also, I’ve been a total recluse since I got married, so I thought it would be nice to let everyone know how my honeymoon went!

Immediately following the wedding reception, Alex and I drove to Chicago to enjoy the first two days of our honeymoon. Our hotel was sweet but Alex and I hated Chi-city because it had zero Xyience energy drinks (wtf Chicago?), everything closed early, and it took forever to walk anywhere. But mostly because of the lack of Xyience.

Neither of us had been to Vegas before, but I had a feeling we would LOVE IT. Which we did.

The desert-scape is uniquely beautiful, everything is open all night, they have Xyience everywhere, and the city is littered with self-serve Fro-Yo shops (which I so generously introduced to Alex on this trip). I think there was other cool stuff, but those were the highlights for me…

We spent some time at a couple of the casino’s sportsbooks per Alex’s request. The Bellagio’s sportsbook was a pretty cool place to hang out. Especially after I got my Bailey’s & coffee for maximum relaxation purposes.

One of the spots we made sure to hit up was the “Pawn Stars” pawn shop, Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. Alex and I enjoy watching the show and couldn’t wait to stop in.

We had to wait outside the pawn shop in hundred degree weather for what seemed like forever because they were filming inside. We were also told that we wouldn’t see any of the stars while in the shop. They are too famous now, clearly. The pawn shop was so much smaller than we expected, but it was neat to see.

We didn’t stay on the strip, but instead at a resort a couple miles down the road (seriously, SO close to the strip. And right across the street from an amazing outlet mall), Tahiti Village.

I loved staying here because we had a full-kitchen and were able to grill outside a couple of nights. We also worked on our tan on some of the afternoons by the pool, which I could only handle about a full ten minutes. Vegas sun is so unbearable.

While we generally hung out around the resort or the newer part of the strip, we did venture out to Fremont Street one night.

Fremont Street is an older area of Vegas (it was actually the first paved street in Vegas), and I prefer the casinos on the strip, but this was a fun and interesting place to walk around. We ended up here almost by accident, and I’m so glad we did. Although, people were crazy here.

Overall, I don’t think our little vacation could have gone any better! Las Vegas was such a fun choice and we can’t wait to go back.



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