waiting tables on valentine’s day.

February 18, 2012 § 1 Comment

So like a lot of people in the world, I had to work on Valentine’s day. Honestly, I did not mind at first (I could have requested it off a couple months ago if I cared) because Alex and I don’t really celebrate. I figured I could make some great cash for a Tuesday night, since those are usually slow nights at the restaurant.

I was wrong. If you choose to go to a casual Mexican restaurant on Valentine’s Day, it’s probably because:

a) you couldn’t get a babysitter and need to choose a restaurant with a kids menu. And happy hour margaritas.

b) you received the coupon for a free dessert in your email that the restaurant sent out. (Yes, you had to print out the coupon to get the dessert. That’s pretty standard.)

c) you decided last minute to take your significant other out for dinner and couldn’t get reservations at a restaurant that actually accepted reservations. So you went to a restaurant that you should have known would be packed at 6pm and expected to wait and hour to get a table. But you still are upset at the restaurant (and the server) for making you wait so long.

d) you don’t really care that much about Valentine’s Day and just really wanted some Mexican food. You soon realize you chose the wrong night to go out.

I tried to keep my spirits up but after several horrible tips I began to get really frustrated. I had one nice couple in my section who seemed to be really chill (probably due to the two happy hour margaritas). The lady showed me pictures of her cute Siberian kitten and they tipped me well. Another couple stiffed me even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with their service or food. All in all, I may consider requesting off next years’ Valentines day. But I’ll probably end up working it because some cash is better than no cash.

I got home pretty late that night and romantically shared some fajitas with Alex that I brought home. The next morning he saved the holiday by bringing me to Family Fare and purchasing $13 dollars worth of Valentines candy that was 50% off. That’s love, folks.

— Cyndie


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