drink of choice.

March 14, 2012 § 2 Comments

I hate drinking water.

I always have at least one beverage with me, many times two. In the morning (and again in the afternoon) it’s a can of Xyience.

At night it’s a wine glass of cold Coke Zero or Diet Coke (I only drink pop out of fancy dollar-store wine glasses at home).



Sometimes I’ll brew some coffee and pour in whatever Coffeemate was on sale this week.

Even though I always have a beverage with me, 99% of the time I’m severely dehydrated. Probably because my drink choices are crap (but delicious).

I’ve been trying really hard to drink more water lately, because being dehydrated means stupid headaches, fatigue and stomach aches. Even though water used to literally make me gag, I think I actually like it now – or I guess, I like how it makes me feel.

My sister gave me this cold beverage travel cup for Christmas, and I take it with me everywhere, filled with ice water. For some reason it really helps to drink out of this fancy cup.

I’m not sure I’ll ever give up pop (and definitely won’t give up Xyience), but I REALLY need to drink more water.

Anybody else hate water as much as me?

— Cyndie


§ 2 Responses to drink of choice.

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