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May 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

1. I’ve been obsessed with ice cream lately. Just ask Alex. I would have it multiple times per day, but I don’t want to get fluffy.

I love the new Hudsonville Tiger Traxx! Chocolate covered pretzels are involved. I’ll do anything to support the Tiger’s. Sacrifice, ya know.

2. The bad thing about summer starting is that my TV shows are ending. As I was scrambling to find a new TV show to get hooked on, I discovered that Netflix Instant has all six seasons of Dawson’s Creek. There goes my free time!

The most shocking thing to learn was that the series finale was in 2002. TEN YEARS AGO! Boy, did that make me feel old. I still remember taping this show on VHS. Sadly, the Netflix version doesn’t have any of the original music due to copyright issues (I’m assuming), not even Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Want To Wait” for the theme song. Totally ruins the show for me.

3. Speaking of Dawson’s Creek, Alex and I are trying to get caught up on the past couple of seasons of Joshua Jackson. I mean, Fringe.

Just as good as I remember.

4. I got a new job! I now get paid to (locally) promote my favorite energy drink.

Now I don’t need an excuse to drink multiple Xyience a day.

5. Since the weather has been nice and warm lately, our restaurant opened up the patio. I love working the patio because it’s generally more laid-back, and you get more tables and often better tips.

Now whenever I’m not working on the patio, I get ragey jealous of whoever is.

OK, that may be exaggerating, but it is super frustrating when someone makes 3x as much as you in the same amount of time working. But that’s serving, gotta love it.

And that, dear internet, is my life lately.

— Cyndie


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